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One of the many perks of attending UGM is the chance to earn Continuing Medical Education or Continuing Education credits. If you attended any of the following sessions below, you’re eligible to submit an evaluation to request a CME certificate.

How to submit your CME credit request form:

> Follow this link to the online CME credits request form. This is where you'll report the session or sessions you attended and submit a brief evaluation. You only need to fill out one form for the entire conference.

> Be sure to register with the same contact information and email address you originally used to register for this year's UGM.

> You MUST complete this form by Friday, October 8th for the chance to claim your credits.

> Once your participation is verified and approved, your CME certificate will be emailed to you by November 1st.

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UGM 2021 CME-Accredited Sessions:

Clinical Reports: Getting to Know Your Stats

Using Technology to Optimize Medication Management

Managing Immunotherapy in a Post Pandemic World

What's New with MIPS 2021

Strategies for Better Third-Party Cycle Management

Building a Better Team: Staff Management in IMS

Notes for a Healthier Office: Introducing Sticky Notes and Checklists in IMS

FQHC and UDS Compliance: Tips and Tricks

Chart Within a Chart: Strategies for Case Management in IMS

A Guide to Organizing and Managing Non-Patient Visitors

Antepartum Advancements

 Map Out the Future and Give Your Practice an Upper Hand

Last year brought the largest shift in patient behavior in more than a century, plus a fundamental rethinking of care. Patient numbers are increasing, new technology is becoming the norm, and it’s up to you how your practice plans to respond. Now’s the time to make sure your team has the knowledge and strategies they need. 

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Higher Revenue  |  A Stronger Business  |  Happier, Healthier Patients

Your Post-Pandemic Playbook is everything you need in order to adapt, maneuver, strategize, and make the most out of your EHR.

Are You Ready for the Future of Healthcare?

An IMS-Powered Strategy Guide

UGM 2021 is a launching pad for the next chapter of your practice — featuring experts from every corner of the industry, IMS specialists, and one-of-a-kind sessions to help you plan, grow, and accomplish even more. We're offering three days full of resources, empowering you to outthink and overcome the challenges headed for your specialty.

45 Sessions, 3 Days, 1 Virtual Show

Now Is the Time

Last year was the single greatest challenge the healthcare industry is likely to see in our lifetimes, and you got through it. The landscape has changed, but your practice is in a better position now than ever when it comes to capitalizing on new trends, adopting the latest technology, and doing more for your patients.

Build a Brighter Future for Your Practice

Equipped with the latest technology, and the insight of some of the industry's most experienced experts, your practice will be planning out moves years ahead of the rest. 


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